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OneSim Card

Gone are the days of SIM cards connecting to only one carrier, providing spotty service and less than ideal connectivity. Our OneSIM card can switch carriers in a flash, keeping you constantly connected even in spotty service areas.

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Our SIM card management offers an overview of everything in one place, making it simpler to oversee and manage data usage, billing, support, and more. The OneView portal provides a quick look at all the most important features for simple understanding and account supervision.

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OneSIM allows you to rely on one program and centralize billing, no matter how many SIM cards you have deployed.

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With a SIM card not tied to any carriers, Innovative IoT allows a single line of support to be relevant for every employee, every time.

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Innovative IoT offers a range of cutting-edge products and services designed to optimize connectivity and streamline operations for businesses. Here's an overview of their key offerings:

OneSim Card: Innovative IoT's OneSIM card eliminates the hassle of being tied to a single carrier. It seamlessly switches between carriers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in areas with spotty service. This flexibility ensures that you're always connected, regardless of your location.

OneView: The OneView portal is a comprehensive SIM card management system that simplifies overseeing and managing data usage, billing, and support. It provides a centralized platform for easy access to vital features, making account supervision straightforward and efficient.

OneBill: OneSIM enables you to centralize billing, regardless of the number of SIM cards you have deployed. This simplifies the billing process and streamlines financial management.

OneSupport: With SIM cards not tied to specific carriers, Innovative IoT provides a single line of support that is relevant for every employee, ensuring consistent and efficient support services.

Unique Bundled Applications:

  • PayConnect: PayConnect is a versatile point-of-sale system designed to maintain optimal connectivity for your payment terminals. It's adaptable to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that you never miss a sale, even when running your business from anywhere.
  • AlwaysConnect: AlwaysConnect offers constant service and failover protection, ensuring that your business remains online. It automatically switches to an alternate network when your primary connection experiences downtime, keeping your point-of-sale terminals operational.
  • AnywhereConnect: AnywhereConnect guarantees optimal internet connectivity regardless of your location. It can serve as a primary connection or a reliable backup, offering unlimited data plans and enterprise-level service from anywhere.
  • TotalConnect: For those interested in all three bundled applications, TotalConnect provides the most comprehensive and integrated solution, ensuring seamless connectivity, operational reliability, and effective point-of-sale management.

Innovative IoT's suite of products and services is geared towards enhancing connectivity, simplifying management, and improving the efficiency of businesses across various industries. Whether it's staying connected, managing data, or ensuring reliable point-of-sale operations, Innovative IoT offers innovative solutions to meet these needs.

Our Unique Bundled Applications