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Industry Solutions

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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital billboards are an innovative marketing solution that many businesses utilize, but business owners often don’t think about the complexity involved in managing these signs. Innovative IoT offers substantial cost savings and ideal data optimization for digital billboard management.


Smart Farming Solutions

Interconnected devices and technological advancements have made the agriculture industry far more efficient than ever before. Innovative IoT offers full control over all aspects of your equipment, including data management, cellular connectivity, and non-stop functionality in machinery.


ATM Connectivity

The complicated inner workings of ATMs and banks require optimal security and constant internet connectivity. Innovative IoT provides bundled solutions to revolutionize the technology that supports the banking industry in all its various forms.


Fleet Tracking

From rental fleets to big rigs and more, the fleet tracking industry has seen huge advances in technology in recent years. GPS tracking, onboard diagnostics, telematics, and more require constant connectivity and secure data management from Innovative IoT.


Retail Solutions

Hotels, restaurants, and retail stores require point-of-sale solutions that stay connected and work properly. From plug-and-play devices to data reliability and more, Innovative IoT provides hospitality services that are easily integrated into current systems and procedures for increased efficiency.


Tank Level

The oil and gas industries rely on the ability to collect, distribute, and optimize their resources to better provide energy to the world. The equipment, crews, and data collection in this industry require secure and strong network connectivity from anywhere, and Innovative IoT provides just that.

Innovative IoT's Industry Solutions exemplify their commitment to providing tailored connectivity and data management solutions for diverse sectors, addressing the unique challenges faced by each industry.

AdConnect streamlines digital billboard management, ensuring businesses can harness the marketing power of digital signage without getting entangled in complexity. The cost savings and data optimization offered by Innovative IoT make advertising more efficient.

AgConnect revolutionizes the agriculture industry by empowering farmers with control over their equipment and data. From cellular connectivity to non-stop machinery functionality, these solutions enhance productivity in an industry where efficiency is paramount.

FinTechConnect brings innovative connectivity to the banking sector, guaranteeing optimal security and continuous internet access for ATMs. This aids in modernizing the financial industry's technological infrastructure.

FleetConnect is a game-changer in fleet management, providing GPS tracking, diagnostics, and secure data management. It ensures that transportation fleets, whether small or large, operate efficiently and safely.

PayConnect meets the needs of retail and hospitality businesses with seamless integration of point-of-sale solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

TankScanConnect addresses the oil and gas sector's need for secure network connectivity, enabling efficient resource monitoring and distribution.

In all these Industry Solutions, Innovative IoT's expertise facilitates connectivity, security, and efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while staying ahead in the digital age.

Innovative-IoT primary logo.