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A lot of companies specialize in providing SIM cards, but they do not specialize in creating user-friendly online portals for the management of those SIM cards. These portals can be difficult to navigate, and the nature of traditional SIM cards usually means that you need to work in a large number of different portals each day. Many of these options provide extremely comprehensive data which you may or may not need, and others make you dig through layers and layers of data to get to the simple information you desire.

The OneView management portal from Innovative IoT shows you what you need to know about your entire program in just a few clicks. Because our SIM cards are universal and not tied to specific carriers, your entire workforce can use the same cards with no impact on connectivity or productivity. This also means that every card is displayed in a single portal where all management, including billing, can take place.

Our portal will display every card on your account, sorted by how close they are to hitting their individual data limits. When a card has used 80% of available data, it will turn orange and be bumped to the top of the portal, and it will turn red when it hits 100%. You will also receive email notifications along the way to help you check on individual SIMs and understand the usage reporting. You no longer have to sort or query to find concerning cards or determine which ones need to be shut off and expanded. All this information is displayed on one screen and prioritized for you so that you can spend your time fixing problems rather than finding them.

Additionally, our portal allows you to add identifiers far beyond what other portals offer. Where other portals offer 20 characters to annotate a card, we allow for thousands, with key identifiers on the first page. You can add granular information to say who has a SIM, where it is, and what it is being used for, and you can get to that information easily in our management portal.

All pricing information is displayed on the front page of the OneView portal, so you’ll never have to dig or calculate to find out how much you owe. You can also adjust allowances throughout the month to proactively manage your expenses and data usage. Because you aren’t dealing with hundreds of carriers, your bill is centralized and can be managed seamlessly.

If you do encounter a problem with billing or other concerns, you can email the Innovative IoT service department from the portal with the simple click of a button. When you choose the message option, pertinent information will be automatically pasted into the email, saving you time when you need problems resolved. This quick and easy access to information helps streamline your processes, and because all SIM cards are through the same program, the information can be used across the company.

Management of SIM cards shouldn’t be a drain on your company’s resources. Instead, choose a SIM card company that eliminates roaming, works with all networks, and can also be managed in one central location at the home office.