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OneSim Card

As the digital world changes rapidly, it’s critical that your company is able to keep up and stay ahead of not only market trends, but also those who might exploit them. New products come with new vulnerabilities, and Innovative IoT is dedicated to keeping you protected from these issues while still offering cutting-edge technology and the latest IoT innovations.

If you work at a company that sends data devices throughout the world, you know how difficult it can be to manage variance in SIM cards. Most SIM cards are tied to specific carriers, which may or may not work in the site locations you need, leading to either poor service or constant switching between SIM cards in each device on the ground. And back in the office, this means you have to manage relationships with each carrier and use multiple tools just to track usage. At Innovative IoT, our OneSIM program is easier for everybody involved. With no roaming, no changing SIM cards, and no cumbersome management, it is the epitome of innovation.

There are over 2,000 carriers worldwide, each with its own support process, online access, and eccentricities. The benefit of a multi-carrier SIM is that it allows access to all of these networks without even the push of a button. Instead, the SIM card automatically searches and connects to the best and closest carrier, no matter where it is. As long as there is a network, there is a connection. Settings can also be saved for future use, allowing your employees to spend less time worrying about their network and more time performing their jobs.

Not only do the SIM cards switch between carriers, but they’re also able to adapt to a range of coverage options, including 3G, 4G LTE, and even 5G coverage. If multiple options are available, the SIM card will prioritize the strongest and most stable available connection.

As an employer, you also have control over these cards, including the ability to shut them off as needed and manage all cards from a single location. Because the connection won’t be interrupted by loss of service, you can also more reliably use GPS functionality and other continuous features for tracking without inaccurate reporting or gaps in data recording.

Designed for IoT devices, our data SIM cards are uniquely suited to industries with a large number of endpoints to manage and protect. Unlike some commercial SIM cards, these are highly secure and created around end ware protection. Our products have never been hacked or compromised, which is why we are uniquely trusted for IoT security needs. You can’t hack what you can’t see, and our security makes devices invisible to the internet for the highest possible protection.

All SIM activity, from billing to usage to support, is available in a single portal that offers unprecedented control to companies with large deployments. Information is sorted in an easy-to-view screen that displays the most high-use cards first and provides the ability to shut them off with one click, in addition to automatic shut-off options to prevent runaways. Regardless of where you are in the billing cycle, you’re always just a few clicks away from seeing what your spending and usage look like so you can adjust accordingly.