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Worldwide, there are over 3,500+ carriers that can be connected to SIM cards. If you manage an employee base that travels and relies on these networks, that’s 3,500+ individual bills that you may need to keep up with on a monthly basis. Keeping track of these costs, usage, and who is using what program is nearly impossible to do without accounting mistakes or missing certain overages. That’s why Innovative IoT’s SIM cards are ideal for companies with multiple endpoints and a large number of employees who rely on SIM cards.

True to our name, our innovative SIM cards automatically switch between networks, speeds, and sizes to provide optimal experiences for users in the field. But this also benefits the person back at the office who only has to deal with a single, centralized bill each month. It’s much harder to miss a payment when it’s a single payment and all of the data is connected for you in one place. All spending, data usage, and support can even be managed in our singular portal.

Not only is the ONE BILL easier to keep up with, but it’s also more consistent thanks to the ability to manage data and prevent runaways. Our portal allows for cards to be automatically turned off when they hit the limit, meaning no unexpected overages. You’ll even get email alerts when the card starts to approach the limit. Or if you wish to extend more data to a particular SIM, you can do that simply and quickly as well. Because of this non-stop data reporting, your bills should never spike suddenly. Instead, right from the start, you’ll have an idea of what you’ll pay each month so you can better plan for your finances moving forward. These limits and allowances can even be changed in the portal in the middle of a billing cycle as needed.

When you understand your data better, you can understand your spending better. You can also work with our management portal and Innovative IoT’s support team to make informed business decisions based on streamlined information.