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ATM Connectivity

Banking Solution

While ATMs are not a new invention, the advent of wireless connections and other changes in technology have allowed them to become more complex and, at the same time, more widely available. We see ATMs not only connected to branches of individual banks, but also in common spaces like gas stations and shopping malls, able to connect to any bank in seconds. With high security needs on top of the foot traffic these ATMs can see, it’s more important than ever that data optimization is brought to these machines and those who manage them.

With One SIM for ATMs, Innovative IoT is able to provide peace of mind to ATM operators, ensuring they are connected, safe, and optimized at all times.

Network Connectivity in ATMs

When a customer begins a transaction at an ATM, the machine automatically begins connecting behind the scenes, ensuring that the right bank information is pulled and money can be distributed as needed. Any small failure can mean that the transaction isn’t completed. Not only does this leave the person at the ATM frustrated and without their money, but it can also mean a tangible loss of profit.

Banks that operate their own ATMs do not collect fees on each transaction, but a poor ATM experience is equivalent to a poor customer service experience and can reflect negatively on their brand. But for ATM operators who place unaffiliated machines, the loss of a transaction also means the loss of the fee that customers pay for the use of the ATM.

One SIM eliminates the risk of these network issues and downtime by equipping each ATM with a single SIM card. This card can reach any surrounding network, not just one, so when a network goes down, it quickly recalibrates to find the next best signal. Rather than the ATM being rendered useless due to a connection failure, One SIM allows the transaction to continue seamlessly.

Security for ATMs

There is no hiding that ATMs contain cash, which can leave them vulnerable to bad actors in their vicinity. But hackers can also access ATMs to try and transfer funds or commit other crimes. Security breaches, skimming devices, and cash-trapping are all real risks that ATM operators must face every day.

One SIM’s connection is not only extremely secure, but it can also be described as hacker-proof. The hidden networks that Innovative IoT relies on cannot be accessed by bad actors because they cannot be seen. This leaves physical removal of the machine or other compromise as the only vulnerability-and with the extended connection, more tracking is available, making even this difficult.

One SIM for ATMs

The One SIM technology from Innovative IoT is designed to tackle the two biggest challenges ATM owners face-connectivity and security. With these taken care of, operators can have peace of mind and expand their ATM presence while maintaining a good customer relationship.