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Smart Farming Solutions

Agricultural Solution

While agriculture has a long history, lasting thousands of years before any modern technology was developed, the industry today looks different than you may believe. These businesses rely on machinery and an interconnected set of services to deliver efficient and high-quality results. That’s why many companies today have partnered with Innovative IoT to ensure they maintain complete control over their equipment, never lose functionality, and can count on unparalleled cellular connectivity.

Total Equipment Control

Whether you are keeping track of farm equipment on the field or shipments of product, any agricultural business is tasked with ensuring all the pieces of their operation are working properly and efficiently. When a cellular connection is needed, devices have historically relied on SIM cards that are tied to a carrier and search for that carrier’s signal in a given geography. But this has meant that if that carrier has a weak signal or experiences an outage, the connection is entirely lost.

In many cases, this lost connection is simply inconvenient or means a headache at the back office when a shipment can’t be tracked in real-time. But in the realm of agriculture, this connection is often used to actually control machines that are doing the work, and a lost connection can bring the entire supply chain to a screeching halt.

Innovative IoT has developed One SIM, a singular SIM card that scans all available connections regardless of carrier. When one signal is weak or lost, it simply pivots to another. This allows the equipment to stay functional and operators to maintain total control without worrying about their connection.

Connection No Matter the Location

A lost connection is not often an issue in large metropolitan areas where carriers are ubiquitous, and everyone is connected all day. But a lot of agriculture takes place in rural locations with nothing but farmland for miles. These areas don’t require strong signals, and most carriers don’t build huge presences there. One SIM will find the strongest available connection in even these rural areas by tapping into any available signals.

With 3G being retired, 4G LTE and 5G are the new cellular default, and One SIM from Innovative IoT is able to connect to both of these. 3G is supported where available, but even rural areas have some signal to offer. The global profile of Innovative IoT works anywhere. Once a SIM card is deployed, it will lock into the strongest signal available and transfer in the event of an outage.

One SIM for Agriculture

From the farm to the store to the table, agriculture is a complex industry with many people and machines involved in the supply chain. Monitoring shipments and equipment, controlling machines that do the work, and maintaining the utmost business integrity are crucial to ensuring a business operates well. Innovative IoT is proud to deliver secure connections to our agriculture clients.