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Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Solution

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping track of inventory can be one of the hardest parts of running a business. This task is hard enough when you’re managing inventory within a store, but when it can be anywhere in the world and is on the move, it can turn into a nightmare. Being able to track shipments, monitor fleet vehicles, and ensure that your equipment is all returned at the end of the day is a full-time job. The rise of GPS has made this much easier, but it’s not perfect: GPS connection can be lost, bringing you right back to square one.

Innovative IoT has created One SIM, a SIM card that doesn’t rely on just one network. By allowing connection to any active network, One SIM enables GPS tracking that is consistent and reliable.

Global Inventory Management

There is almost no business that doesn’t rely on transportation and the shipment of materials, by land, air, or sea, in order to function fully. Whether it is high-value assets like ATVs and campers, fleet trucking, cold supply chains, or freight distribution, businesses have a large number of their own assets spread across the globe. Common practice is to equip these assets with GPS, but what happens when that GPS isn’t online?

Most mobile devices rely on SIM cards, which are historically associated with a single network, powering the device’s connection. In normal circumstances, connectivity can be strong, but travel often complicates this. Available towers can shift, or a driver may find themselves in a rural area with very few connection points at all. This can cause chaos at home base when it looks like assets have disappeared.

One SIM changes this fundamentally. Rather than connecting to a single network, One SIM scans them all for the best connection, moving on to the next if there is an issue. When your fleet is on the road, there is no more worry about a loss of connection-one is always available.

Communication and Security

Mobile devices do not only need to remain connected for tracking. If there is a security issue, it can be critical to communicate with your drivers and workforce. Even in the case of a minor customer service complaint, this connection can be crucial. With One SIM behind your business’s equipment, there is no more scrambling to connect, only the knowledge that your workforce is available to you when needed.

One SIM is designed to keep companies connected to their assets, whether that is the fleet of employees you need to monitor or the current location of an oil barge. GPS tracking should be a non-negotiable in today’s business climate, and One SIM makes that a reality.