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Tank Level Monitoring

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While the energy industry relies on oil and natural resources that are not technological in any way, the ability to collect, distribute, and optimize these resources is continuing to advance every day. Energy companies rely on expert crews, ever-changing equipment, and accurate data collection to ensure that there is a steady flow of energy and that their business can thrive. The ability to collect and analyze data is a particularly important element of this work, with new trends emerging constantly. Innovative IoT is focused on improving data optimization through a secure, strong cellular connection that is available globally. This unprecedented model, combined with the monitoring capabilities of partners like Tank Scan, allows energy companies to continue to grow and thrive.

Total Global Control

The supply chain in energy is made up of a host of moving parts, from the energy providers to the maintenance crew, all the way to users in their homes. Behind the scenes, individuals at energy companies are tasked with managing these moving parts, ensuring everything happens as expected in an efficient and secure manner. But managing data can be difficult if the data is not there, which can happen all too often with traditional SIM cards.

A traditional SIM card is meant to power devices in the field and across fleets, sending location and other data back to a home base. But these cards are usually connected to a single cellular carrier, and if their signal is lost or not strong in the location of a device, the connection can disappear, leaving no information to be shared.

Innovative IoT’s One SIM eliminates these concerns. Each card is designed to work with any carrier, scanning for the strongest signal and moving seamlessly to the next if a connection is lost. This versatile SIM card means equipment maintains a connection and data is always available, even in the most remote location.

Beyond Fleet Tracking

Strong connections and data optimization are critical for activities such as tracking a fleet and ensuring all parts of a supply chain are moving properly, but Innovative IoT enables companies to do more with their data. Because One SIM doesn’t require working with multiple carriers, users are able to use a single portal view to manage and track all data, preventing runaways and setting up automatic shut-offs when data limits are exceeded.

By partnering with Tank Scan, we are able to offer even deeper levels of monitoring. Tank Scan’s devices allow for precise monitoring of oil levels, pressure, and other information sent straight through to your home office for analysis. By using One SIM to power their technology, Tank Scan will be able to ensure that this data is streamed consistently, with a lost signal not becoming a cause for concern.

Innovative IoT allows energy companies to go beyond traditional tracking mechanisms and places complete control of their data in their hands.