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Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solution

Digital Billboards have been a popular and effective form of advertising for many decades, but they have evolved rapidly in more recent years. Now, many billboards are digital, allowing them to cycle through multiple advertisements or use innovative content on each sign. Most people who drive past these digital signs don’t realize the intricate technology behind the more how they need to remain connected. But for those who operate a digital billboard, the Innovative IOT offerings make the process not only easier, but also more cost-efficient.

Data Efficiency in Digital Signage

The big companies who purchase ad space on a digital sign or billboard are generally not concerned about the efficiency of the data used or even how exactly it works because it does not have a direct impact on their cost. However, manufacturers of this signage are known to be efficient with their data usage on a monthly basis. This is because the operators themselves are responsible for purchasing the data.

Some sign operators will pay a lot for unlimited data, while others are more targeted in their approach. Innovative IoT allows the latter group to focus on data optimization by going straight to the source of network connectivity. Companies who use this option are able to save as much as 60% of the amount they were previously paying to vendors.

How It Works

Digital sign operators who work with Innovative IoT are able to pay only for the data they use instead of a huge chunk of data that may or may not be necessary for their operations. This data is supported by the innovative One SIM model of connectivity.

Because traditional SIM cards are tied to individual networks and their towers, any damage to those towers or interruptions to the network can render a billboard useless. Not only does this mean the buyer doesn’t get their space, but the operator may be liable for the time not used and owe money back. One SIM allows each billboard to move between networks seamlessly, minimizing interruptions and improving the sign’s uptime.

The data that is used during this connection is what Innovative IoT charges for, unlike other providers who charge one large chunk that requires you to estimate future data usage. Clients who use our One SIM program to operate billboards are able to optimize not only their data itself, but also the price paid, and pass those savings on to clients to build further trust.